Direct Mail Services
& Postal Solutions

Utilising our sister business, Citipost Mail, we have access to the largest privately owned Downstream Access provider in the UK, delivering over 16 million items every week

Citicare: A Fully Integrated End-to-End Direct Mail Service Provider in the UK

We provide innovative direct mailing services to businesses worldwide

Specialising in both transactional direct mail and digital direct mail services. Combined with ISO 27001 data security and in-line finishing kit, our Postal Service is second to none

  • We offer bespoke and flexible direct mail fulfilment solutions depending on your business requirement
  • Deliver safe and secure bulk mail handling, alongside new data-driven products covering item tracking, short messaging services (SMS) and hybrid mail (printing and sending mail)
  • Reduce your postage expenditure and send any amount of mail items to anywhere in the UK and Worldwide
  • Get on-time delivery rates with competitive pricing
  • We provide the best-in-class customer service and gives equal attention

Get the best mail management and fulfillment services for your business. Choose Citicare.

Our direct mailing services include:

  • Sorted Mail
  • Unsorted Mail
  • International Mail
  • Digi-Mail
  • SMS

If you have any questions about our direct mail services, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help